Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zazzle artist featured this week: Cindy Boyd

In our Facebook Zazzle artist group, we pick an artist to promote.  This week's winner is Cindy Boyd.  :)  Cindy has so many beautiful items in her shop it was really hard to choose only a few :).  I have a wonderful time looking through her shop every time I visit, I hope you do, too!

Please check out Cindy's shop for more wonderful products with her art.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes!!!

In the last couple of weeks I've become addicted to creating shoes on Zazzle! Every time I load a new image in, I think "I wonder how it would look on shoes?"... and then I have to try it out! So, if you have any ideas about how I can fight this addiction, please let me know :)

Here are some of my favorites:

Inspired by Portuguese Tiles, the art on this shoe was created by printing a hand-carved block many times, then painting each print with watercolors.

My friend April saw a little box I had made for my little cousin Caitlyn and loved the flower pattern on it. I recreated the flower and leaf patterns and created this shoe from it.

Removing the background and the leaves of the pattern above, I created a shoe in blue with the same pink flowers. Very different shoe, using the same art.

I went a bit further with the pattern and removed the inside of the flower (making them transparent so you can see the patterns underneath) and changed the colors a bit. I then added this pattern to a couple of shoes I had already created without flowers. The pinkish one was created with layers of watercolor painted rice paper; the grey one with painted canvas which was then digitally modified to look like embossed stone. They are both available with and without the flowers.

And then I just added some on plain black background, with grey and pink flowers.

Now we're coming into the abstracts :). This one was created from canvas painted with acrylic paints, and then modified digitally to create more depth and contrast.

The art on this shoe was created with a really fun technique using wax paper, an iron, and inks. I love the pattern.

This shoe was created using the same technique with a different pattern and color.

Another wax pattern shoe, this time in burgundy.

One more painted canvas - this time with printed small hand-carved blocks. This was the canvas I used to create the grey embossed pattern above.

The pattern for this shoe was created on painted canvas with writing in French and Portuguese. I had a lot of fun with this one and a bit of trouble as well - so the text wouldn't be a mirror image - inverted - on the left shoe :)

This green shoe was created with another fun technique with wrinkled deli paper and watercolors. The scan was then modified digitally to make it more vibrant and add contrast.

And just to finish this posting (there are and will be more shoes in my shop)let me just show you a couple of kids shoes:

All the shoes can be customized when you buy them. Changing the colors of the shoe laces, eyelets, midsole, and binding really transforms the shoe. If you need help customizing it to your liking, let me know and I can do it for you. There are also other types of shoes, including children's, so if you would like a specific pattern on a different shoe, do let me know. I hope you enjoyed seeing the different shoes; feel free to give me ideas for future ones :). I still have a lot of painted canvas, papers, and such that I would like to make into shoes... I just need time, now :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zazzle artist featured this week: Ilene Aldridge

This week's featured Zazzle artist is Ilene Aldridge.  Her shop is full of such wonderful things, it is hard to get away :).  I hope you enjoy some of the items I'm featuring, and you do go back to her shop for more.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking through her many, many beautiful products.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Zazzle artist featured this week: Ulla Hennig

I joined a group on Facebook for Zazzle artists.  It is such a warm and friendly group :), that I'm very happy to have joined.

Each week they pick one of the artists who would like to participate, and promote her or his shop.  It is such a wonderful way to get to know other members and promote each other!!  :)  So, I had to participate, even though I'm still sort of fumbling through.

This week's featured artist is from Germany and her name is Ulla Hennig.  Please check out some of Ulla's fabulous work on zazzle products.  I really enjoyed looking through her shop.  I hope you do, too!  Congratulations, Ulla!

And here are some more designs from Ulla... I hope you enjoy them!

My shops

I'll start this blog by telling you about my two shops.

Etsy shop:
This is where you will find my original art for sale. I love creating art, and if I decide to sell it, this is where it will be. I enjoy Etsy very much and love to look there for unique original presents.


Zazzle shop:
This is where you will find products with my art or designs. I just joined Zazzle and am still in the process of creating products. I have a lot to learn yet, so if you are an experienced "zazzler" I welcome any suggestions.