Friday, February 27, 2015

Challenge 206, a Card, and a New Stencil

Diva's Challenge 206

This week's challenge was really, really challenging!  It was to do the challenge using a tool we would normally not use with Zentangles.  So, I used a script liner brush, and a waterbrush (has water in the handle) for the solid parts.  The shading was truly a challenge with the liner brush!!!  The control is just NOT there... lol.  Anyway, here it is:

The Card

For some reason, it is now expected that I make a card on family's birthdays.  Last weekend was one of my son's birthday party (late because of all the snow we've been having).  I find it really hard to make cards for men, so I try to think of things they like and go with that.  Last year was a moose (that also ended up on a mug for Christmas :)), this year was his cat that is more like a puppy dog - follows him around like one :).
His name (the cat) is Vincent and I carved this stamp of his eyes a few years ago.

A New Stencil I Designed and Cut

My Dad posted a picture of an iron gate that I found really beautiful.  After seeing that, I drew a repeat pattern on a piece of Tyvek (inspired by the gate, but not the same), cut it out and tried it out.  I loved it, so then I cut a stencil from a transparency and tried it out on a painted journal page.  I think I will have a lot more fun with it (once I find a little time :)).

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Challenge 203 and Gelli Plate Fun With Stencils

Challenge:  Athitzi by Eleanor Holt

This was a fun challenge (here) as I found Athitzi very much like cross-hatching but had never seen it done quite this way.  The shading adds so much!!!  Never crossed my mind to do shading on cross-hatching, I'm sorry to say. 

Actually, now that I look at the tile, I can see a lot of other shading I could have added... I think I was so excited to add the shading to Athitzi, I forgot about some of the other tangles :)

Gelli Plate Fun - new stencils

By now you know I love my Gelli plate :)... I have created a few stencils specifically to use with it, and couldn't wait to try them.  Some were created from Tyvek, others from transparencies.  Some were cut with scissors, others with a stencil burning tool.

I'm experimenting printing on different surfaces as well.  From card stock, to tags, labels, rice paper, tissue paper, fabric, deli paper, and paper tape.  It's all fun :)

So here are some of the ones I printed recently:

Printed on deli paper.Top 2 leaves were cut with scissors from a transparency;
bottom 2 were also cut with scissors from Tyvek.

Printed on tissue paper (recycled wrapping tissue).
Stencil and mask cut with scissors from Tyvek (recycled envelope). 

Printed on tissue paper (recycled wrapping tissue).
All leaves and masks cut from Tyvek.  The one on the top left with the open designs was cut with a stencil tool; it isn't as smooth and even as the ones cut with scissors.

Printed on card stock.  Same leaves as above :)
Printed on card stock.
Flowers cut from transparency with stencil burning tool.

Printed on card stock.  
Leaves cut from transparency with stencil burning tool.

Printed on card stock.
I drew a tree with white glue on foam board a couple of years ago;
it didn't turn out as raised as I wanted (pretty flat, actually).
I was shocked it actually shows in the print!  Nice surprise!
Printed on deli paper.
This is Priscila's window design (with some flowers peaking through);
 stencil cut from transparency with stencil burning tool.

Printed on deli paper.  Same design as above.

Printed on card stock.
The distressed brick wall was cut with stencil burning tool from Tyvek.
Same with leaves on the left (texture type of mask).