Thursday, June 2, 2016

Challenge 270 and Work on Scarves

Challenge #270

This week's challenge (here) was to use the tangle Skye created by Margaret Bremner.  I really enjoyed this one, and this one I'm sure will be better with practice.  

My first attempt from memory (after seeing the steps) was not good - the strips were not connecting properly, so I decided to give it another try.  This time I didn't do the little angled lines on the short ends, and that made it possible for me to adjust as needed to make the lines connect.  Also, I started with an "S" instead of backwards "S" so then had to start on the left instead of on the right.  All in all, it came out fairly decent, I think, but like I said I think it can really improve with practice.

Work on Scarves

I'm enjoying seeing my work on the VIDA scarves, so I have been looking at some of my work differently to see if they might look good as scarves.  Also, because the scarves are large and you need really high definition files, I have been playing around and spent many hours last weekend doing some experiments.  Ended up figuring out that it would really help if I knew Inkscape better (free vector software), so started going through some tutorials on YouTube to learn it better.
Here are some of the ones I have created recently.  I hope you enjoy them:

These first two were inspired by a carved flower on a stone wall in India (when I visited last year).  I hand carved a stamp to create the pattern and then fiddled wtih it to create the pattern in larger scale for the scarves.  Both are using the same pattern, just with different colors and scale.
Indian FlowerIndian Flowers

These 2 are square scarves, so I used works that might not do so well as a repeating pattern.  Both were created with the same hand-carved stamp (leaves repeating pattern); the left on paper with ink, watercolors and colored pencils; the right one on fabric with inks, and acrylics.

Leaves and Moon AbstractLeaves and Moon
And the last one I just added last night from an old piece, that needed a bit of work.  I used the same hand carved stamp as for the ones above and really had fun.  Can't you tell I love the moon? :)

                    Blue Moon

If you are interested in any of these, you can check them out on my page on the VIDA site (here).  You can get 10% off your first order with the code VIDA10, and if you get one of my designs, you would get a $25 VIDA gift certificate (for the first 10 people).

I ordered one with my tangled mountains, and can't wait for it to arrive.  I received a free one from another artist and the $40 scarf is really well made and so very soft!  I was very impressed.