Friday, November 27, 2015

Challenge #245 and Gel Printed and Tangled Boxes

Challenge #245

I'm so glad to be posting again!  It means I found a bit of time to create :).  Sometimes work takes over my life, and this was one of those times - I sure hope it is over for now!

This week's challenge (here) was to go back to basics and Hollibaugh - you can see the link to the step outs in the Diva's challenge page.  I wanted to do something I had not done before, so I drew three strings and made those my intersecting lines.  I hope you like it; I obviously had fun with it :)


Gel printed and Tangled Boxes

I'm trying to use some of the paints and materials I've had for years, rather than keep buying new ones.  So, in an effort to use some of the acrylic paints I had, I used my small gel plate (3x5 in) and some of my stencils and had a lot of fun with a couple of boxes.  Then I started tangling on the box (as you can see I'm not finished yet).

I'm having a great time with this wonky box, and I'm starting to wonder how it would be to do it on a wooden box.  I think the surface would be a lot smoother and easier to tangle on.  I might have to try it!