Friday, February 17, 2012

T-shirts, mugs, and bags from talented artists - Group 2

Zazzle Gallery Directory is a great Facebook group where people are friendly, helpful, and love to promote others.  So, here is another round of promotions... I'm really happy to participate in this round; it sounds like a lot of fun - I hope you enjoy the postings.

This is week 2 of picking t-shirts, mugs, or bags, but this time we'll be looking at the beautiful work of 6 other artists:

James Macabee:
Clean Energy shirt
Clean Energy by customschwag
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MANvsBEER shirt
MANvsBEER by manVSbeer
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Marta and David Burton:
Organic Lilacs mug

Organic Lilacs by Rewards4life
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Re Becca:

Diane Clancy:


  1. Man I wish I could get some if not all these.. Lovely selection

  2. Dear Marta,

    this looks great!! Thank you so much for featuring both Susan and me!! She came by and google was being difficult!!

    Thank you very much!!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. These are all so cool and gorgeous! Thank you for featuring me!