Saturday, April 7, 2012

Water Bottles, Teapots, and Plates from talented artists - Group 3

Zazzle Gallery Directory is a great Facebook group where people are friendly, helpful, and love to promote others.  

This is the third week of featuring bottles, teapots, and plates from participating artists.  This posting will show off the beautiful art created by Susan Elkin, Marta Harvey (me), Aysha Iqbal, Gkrew Productions, and Briana Blair.  I hope you enjoy and look through these shops to find other wonderful art.

Susan Elkin

Marta Harvey

Aysha Iqbal
Malibu California Best Souvenir fuji_plate
Malibu California Best Souvenir by addmorecolor
Create unique custom plates online at Zazzle.

Gkrew Productions

Orange Tulip Plate fuji_plate
Orange Tulip Plate by gkrew1
Create unique custom plates online at Zazzle.

Briana Blair

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