Sunday, December 9, 2012


 I learned from pins on Pinterest how to turn old t-shirts into yarn, and thought it was awesome to be able to re-purpose those old t-shirts you can't even give away to charity.  So I got some of them and got to work :)

Once I had the yarn, I looked for ideas on Pinterest on what to make with it.  Most people make rugs with them, but I saw a picture of a basket and decided that was exactly what I wanted to do with my t-shirt yarn.  I'm not very handy with crochet, but I was determined!  After many trial and error attempts, I think I finally got it :).  They are not perfect, but I love their uniqueness... definitely one of a kind.

No more old t-shirts being thrown out in this house :).

[Dec. 27] I made this one for my 2-year-old great-niece with a handle "attached" with 2 antique  buttons.  She can take it off if she wants, or use it with the handle to carry things around.

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