Thursday, March 27, 2014

Diva's Challenge and Bookmarks


When my niece turned 4 (almost a month ago) she got a really beautiful book of fairy tales.  I decided then to make her a colorful bookmark so she would know which story her mom was reading her in the evening.

I made a few for myself years ago from pieces of painted canvas, and I absolutely love them.  They have been bent, folded, and even dropped in bath water several times, and they still look like new!

Since the bookmarks came from the same piece of painted canvas, I made one for Rowan and one for her mom.  Rohan's had to have beads, of course :).  I made the large beads with a Paper Source catalog and UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) years ago; the hearts were printed from hand-carved stamps (and sequin waste on Raquel's little hearts).

Diva's Challenge

Somehow I couldn't find the time last week to participate in the challenge, but I found a few minutes last night to create a tile this week.  The Diva's #160 challenge was to use a spiral as your string.  I had fun with it :)  Please take a look at all the other participants' art; it is really inspiring.


  1. This is very lovely! Fine contrast!

  2. Your spiral is gorgeous and so are the bookmarks. It is always nice to see how people like to get one.

    1. Thanks a lot, Anne. Yes, and kids will show it no matter what! You always have to be prepared for their reaction :)

  3. Dear Marta - your bookmarks are so lovely .. you have such a knack for creating beauty!!

    Your spiral is super cool - I love the way it keeps going on and on :) ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Beautiful booksmarks, Marta - and I adore your gorgeous spiral. Axxx