Thursday, April 30, 2015

Challenge 215 and Quick Accordion Journal

Challenge #215 - Labyrinth

This was quite a fun challenge (here); I learned how to draw all different kinds of labyrinths :).  It was so much fun!  The idea was to draw a labyrinth as a string and then tangle away :)

Here is mine.  I think that I would have liked to have made the spaces between the walls wider and less patterned so that it would be easier to walk the labyrinth.  Oh well... next time :)  I went with a leaf shape, but if I turn it upside down it could also be a heart.

I made it extra large today so you can "walk" the labyrinth if you want :)

Quick Accordion Journal

A few years ago a bunch of people at work were moving to another floor, and lots of office supplies were being dumped.  I asked if I could take a couple of sheet protector packages, and the admin told me to take anything I wanted.  Oh boy!!  I got lots of transparencies, some sheet protectors, tent cards, brochures, labels, etc.  

I have used lots of transparencies and have started using some of the sheet protectors to keep my home made stencils.  But I had not found a use yet for the tent cards and they are made with good heavy paper.  So, after the envelopes last week, I decided to try to see how the same technique would work on these tent cards, and then use them for a journal or something like that.

It took no time at all to paint them on both sides.  I used 2 tent cards for this - one in blue tones, the other in red tones.  I then cut them up in 3 equal parts and put them together with come washi tape I had gelli printed a while ago.  It really cannot get much easier than this :)... and it is so colorful!

Now it is ready to tangle on :).  I have started on one of the pages already.  Here are a few pages close up.


  1. Your Labyrinth is truely beautiful!
    I love the shape of it and how you can "walk" in it.

  2. Cool labyrinth and nicely tangled.

  3. Love how you went outside the box and created a totally original shaped labyrinth. Your tent cards made great accordion pages....looking forward to seeing your next creation.

  4. Dear Marta - your labyrinth is amazing!! Love the shape. And you cards are so cool - be fun to see what you do with them :)

    ~ Diane Clancy