Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Challenge #212 and Pattern Inspired by Indian flower

Challenge #212: "UMT: Fanz by Susan Goetter"

This week's challenge was to use the Fanz tangle created by Susan Goetter - you can see step-outs through a link in the Diva's challenge page here.

I loved this tangle (the one on the top right) as it is very forgiving.  I decided to try out a few variations, but you can just have them quite plain and it looks really nice!  I can't wait to see everyone's entry in the challenge - they are always so inspiring!

Pattern Inspired by Indian Flower

When I was in India last month, I had a weekend "free" and visited several temples and palaces near Bangalore.  As my mind has been stuck on patterns recently :), I took some pictures I would hope would inspire me to create new designs. 

I have not yet created anything with the patterns other than sketch some of them, but saw the sculpture of a flower, that inspired me to create this very simple hand-carved stamp. 

When you print it all the way around (4 times) you get this pattern - and you can see the flower in the center.

If you print it again but with the "flower center" towards the outside corners this time, you end up with a very different pattern (I love this one).

I tried it out again, now printing it 4 times across and 4 down, starting with the flower center at the corner.  You can see how different it looks from the one below where the stamp was pointing the other way.  These were finished with colored pencil, pen and ink, and Sakura gel pens 
(to highlight the shapes - cross vs. flower)

This next set is the same, except these were painted with H2Os (shimmering watercolors) and finished with pen and ink.


  1. WOW and the stamping beautifully done.

  2. I think your Diva tile is amazing, but I'm totally in love with that stamp! You're such a talented lady!

  3. Your Fanz tile is very beautiful! So is the rest, thanks for sharing.

  4. Two of my current passions are Zentangle and travel. Like you, I find patterns everywhere in my travels. I was just in Turkey and of course, Islamic art is all about patterns. It was a pattern paradise. I like the tangleations of Fanz that you incorporated into your tile. I included photos of some of my travel tangle inspirations in my Diva Challenge post this week. You are farther along, having already created some of your own art from your inspirations.

  5. Very inspiring. You do lovely work.

  6. Lovely tile and I really like the stamp and all the variations you can do with it.

  7. Great work with Fanz on your tile and the exact work on the stamp made it work so well, every piece was aligned so evenly. And I am always attracted to color!

  8. Dear Marta, your Fanz is lovely!! Light and magical!! How cool you were in India! Love each and every one of these tiles from your flower!! Good to see you!!

    ~ Diane Clancy