Friday, October 16, 2015

Challenge 239

This week, this was all the art I had time for.  Hopefully I will find a bit more time next week :)

The challenge this week (here) was to watch the video about how to draw Munchin, and then use it.  My tile is a bit bla, but... that's how it turned out :)


  1. Your tile doesn't look blah to me. Fabulous tile

  2. This is really good and not bla at all! I am curious to know how you got the lovely, sharp-edged black 'sparkle' on your it drawn on afterwards or are you just really good at stopping your line in the right place....? I just can't do that!

    1. Hi Annie, no, not good at stopping :) I saw the technique in the video: after you have done the white lines you get your Micron pen and can draw over the lines, looking like you are erasing them :). I thought it was really clever, so I gave it a try.