Saturday, January 16, 2016

Challenge #250 and New Hand carved Stamps

Challenge #250

The Diva's weekly challenge (here) was to go back to basics: 3.5 x 3.5 white tile, black and white, string, and pencil shading.  It is probably not that different than I usually do, but I did try to use some tangles I had not used in a while.

New Hand Carved Stamps

In December I carved a bunch of stamps to play along with Julie Fei Fan Balzer and a bunch of other people for the #CarveDecember challenge (here).  I did not carve one stamp a day (just did not have the time), but did carve as many as I had time for.  It even made me get on Instragram to share, encourage, and get encouragement :).  I had a lot of fun.

Here are all of them (bottom) and the prints on fabric above.  I will show a few at a time in the next few posts.
This is a very simple flower, sketched on paper in about 10 seconds.  It took a bit longer to carve :)

This one I carved on my wedding anniversary, so I had to go with the LOVE theme :)

This is a very simple branch, which you can print several ways to make crazy looking trees :)


  1. A good response to the Diva's Challenge, a nice airey tile. Love your carved stamps too. I used to carve my own stamps too (before I discovered Zentangle) and I know it is difficult to carve letters so your love one is especially good.