Sunday, July 27, 2014

Challenge #177 and Triangle Repeat Stamp Carving

Challenge #177

I just finished challenge #177 yesterday (Saturday) since I had a very busy week.  We accepted an offer on our condo on Monday, and spent the rest of the week searching for the right house for us to move into.  We found it, made an offer and had it accepted Friday night!  It was exhausting, but well worth it.  We'll be moving at the end of August, and it will be so awesome to have all my art stuff back :)  In the meantime, lots of paperwork, and simple art pieces :)

So... challenge #177... use Truffle by Caroline Broady - steps in the challenge itself here.  This was a really tough challenge for me; the tangle is easy and quite fun, but I had a hard time incorporating other tangles into the tile.  I'm not sure why, but this was my 3rd try... the others only have truffles :)

Stamp Carving: Triangle Repeat

This was the last assignment for the workshop based on Julie Balzer's Carve Stamp Play book.  I'm sorry to see it end, but I know I will continue to experiment with stamp carving and to use the stamps I carved for the workshop.

So, I designed and carved the image on the top left on a small triangle.  Then I printed it and created the red pattern below.  I also wanted to make the pattern work on a straight line, so I could create frames, and such.  So, then I tried it and... it worked :).  As usual, it also looks great (and a bit more finished) when it is outlined in pen and ink (right).

And then I tried it with watercolors

Watercolors and some pen work
And then... designed, carved and printed something completely different :)  So fun!


  1. I like your tile with the Mooka curl!

  2. Lovely Tile. Love the use of Truffle and the single Mooka is so effective. Well done, Your stamp work is so intriguing. Love the results. I've got to try this.