Thursday, July 31, 2014

Challenge #178

Challenge # 178

This week's challenge (here) was to use two tangles that start with the same letters as your name.  So, I went to this awesome site ( and chose one tangle from the M tangles and one from the H tangles.  They were both new to me and I had a lot of fun learning them.  I practiced on a paper cup at work, so, if I remember to take pictures tomorrow I will post below.

Mumsy (the 3 large flowers in the middle) and Henna Drum
Mumsy and Henna Drum paper cup - How I practiced these 2 tangles

This was all the time I had this week for relaxing.  Other than work, I've spent my week with house inspections, and paperwork to sell our condo and buy a house.  Fun, fun!!  (not!)  :)


  1. Awesome Tile, Marta. Love your Tangle selections. Your use of Aura to fill out the shape of two Tangles worked out super well. Beautiful work. Good luck with your housing quest.

  2. I love the tile! Your selection to tangles to put together is beautiful. Grrrreat work!

  3. So beautiful! I love your finishing touches - auras and the viney squiggle things.

  4. Nice job. Mumsy is a fun tangle to use. Nice job on Henna Drum as well.

  5. Marta, I think you got my other comment ~ the cups popped up while I was commenting I think. they are gorgeous!! You have had (as long as I have known you) such a lovely touch with pen and ink :) You practice them first -- hmmm, I practice on the tile :)

    Apparently your blog ate my other comment - yes!! Moving is all that is hard work!! And I love love love your rendition!!!

    ~ Diane Clancy