Friday, July 4, 2014

Challenge 174 and More Stamp Carving

Challenge 174

The challenge this week was to use two superimposed strings (here).  It felt like going back to basics, which I loved doing.  To go with the "back to basics" idea, I sat in front of my tangle display (here) and chose tangles I had not used in a long time.  It was so much fun!  I have to do this more often :)

More Stamp Carving

Continuing on with the Carve Stamp Play book by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer...

Seamless Stamp

We were to carve a stamp that when printed would connect on all sides.  Instead of going for a square or rectangle, I decided to try a triangle.  It was really fun designing it; I'm sticking to simple designs.  
Triangle carving which will connect on all 3 sides to form a pattern
and... yes, I got rid of that little sliver on the top right corner

Printing your stamp for the first time and seeing how your design works is so much fun!!  No matter how many times I do this, I'm always amazed :)

I'm now working on this one, where I printed the triangle many, many times to create a seamless pattern.  I have outlined it with pen, and painted it with H2Os, but it still needs something - probably some pen and ink work on the blues or on the purples to set them apart a bit more.

Here are a couple more prints.  I cheated on these... only printed and painted a piece and then digitally duplicated to see the pattern with different colors.
Triangle stamp printed, outlined with pen, and painted with Inktense
Triangle stamp printed, outlined with pen, and painted with H2O's


  1. Such an interesting tangle. your stamp is fabulous. Such pretty results. I'm going to have to try a triangular stamp like that.

  2. I love these, especially the last one. Reminds me of Portuguese tiles!

  3. What a gorgeous tile, I love the playful look of it.

  4. First I was amazed at the depth and layering of you tile, then I was delighted by your stamp!

  5. Dear Marta ... your ZIA is amazing ... you always give such grace to your work - one of the reasons I love it!! Your zentangle dances!!

    Your tiles are lovely - I agree these look like Portuguese tiles to me!! Just so pretty!!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. Like the dimension you achieved in this. The stamps look great also. Not sure I would have the patience for this.