Thursday, September 4, 2014

Challenge #183 and Stamp and Art Journal Play

Challenge #183

This week's Diva Challenge (here) was to use a new tangle by Annette Carlo called X-Did.

I had a lot of fun with it, even though I haven't really had very much time to explore the possibilities.

Please check out the beautiful art always displayed on the Diva's challenge by all the participants.  I have not had a chance to do it, yet, but will definitely try to make time for it this week.  It is always a treat to see everyone's interpretation of a new tangle and it is always a source of inspiration to me.

Stamp and Art Journal Play

I started getting into art journals a few months ago, but have not had much time to dedicate to it.  So, I created a journal a while ago (shown here) from junk mail with lots of pockets.  The pockets are supposed to hold work-in-progress pieces that I can work on when I don't have much time.  This is exactly what I did this week.

I had about 10 minutes one night, and I painted this little piece with watercolors.  The following night, I had about 10 minutes again, and I added some details with pen and ink.  I'm not sure what I will use it for, but I felt pretty good to have spent those 10 minutes each night doing something fun and relaxing.  Sometimes it is all the time I will have, so this method of using the pockets for something I can work on a bit at a time, is working for me.

This is a bit less than 2 x 2 inchies... so, pretty small

Last Monday was Labor Day in the US and so I relaxed a bit finishing this piece.  It was stamped with my "Well Inspired" stamp, painted with watercolors, with details added in with pen and ink and colored pencils.

I also took another print of a hand-carved stamp from one of my journal pockets and worked on it while watching TV with my husband.  This stamp was created during the workshop (here) and I hadn't done anything to any of the prints I took at the time.
I added details with colored pencils and pen and ink

Regarding the new house... things are still uncertain right now.  I'm trying to keep positive and hope everything will work out. :)


  1. Very beautiful, this tile. Maybe 'simple' but maybe because of that so beautiful.

  2. A striking UMT challenge Tile, Marta. I'm impressed by your take of X-did, and your Mooka is delightful. Wonderful shading. Love your stamp work.

  3. Wonderful flow in your X-Grid tile! Very nicely done!

  4. Marta, I loved your outcome of 'X-DID' ! I keep looking at it and and I'm still puzzled how you brought it together. It really is cool! I love it! Thank you for giving it a try!!! :0) Annette Share Humanity

  5. nice version of X-did. I have absolutely fallen in love with your stamping. I really like the well inspired one. Well-done :)

  6. All of your tiles are pretty. Like your version of X-did.