Friday, August 29, 2014

Challenge # 182, Stamp Fun, and New House

Challenge # 182

This week's challenge (here) was pretty simple: stripes.  So, rather than go with straight stripes, I twirled them (OK... maybe just in my mind).  I wanted to use tangles you wouldn't usually associate with a stripe, and I had fun, as usual.

More Stamp Fun

This week, I barely had time, but did have a couple of hours to relax last weekend.  So, I played with a print I had already painted with watercolors, and outlined with ink (you can see it here).  So I added a lot more pen work, a bit of shading with watercolors, and some colored pencil.  I think that's it for this one:

I also wanted to stamp some of these on fabric and try some embroidery.  I don't know much about embroidery, but as usual, I'll make it up as I go along and will learn what I can from the internet and books.

So, I grabbed a pair of my son's old jeans, cut a piece, stamped it, and started working on it while watching TV with my husband.  I have not gotten very far yet, I will post pictures next week.

New House

The closing on the sale of our condo and purchase of our new house was scheduled for yesterday.  Unfortunately, the buyer of our condo could not secure a loan with the lender he had chosen, so it didn't happen.  The good news is that it seems he will get it from another lender, and therefore it is just a matter of a couple of week's delay (WE HOPE!!!).  So, this week it was all about getting some info to help with the lender, and undoing everything we had already set up for the move.  So... not much time for anything else.

Last weekend, though I wanted to check out the reservation 1 block from our new house.  I loved it!  We only spent an hour walking and hiking, but we loved what we saw; a really beautiful place.  Here are a couple of pictures I took with my phone, not great pictures but I think you will be able to see what I mean.

I'm feeling so lucky to have such beauty and inspiration so close to my new home!  Let's hope it all works out soon :)


  1. I love your doodles, but am in envy of your new views!

    1. Thanks, Sal :). I love walking and hiking trails, and feel really lucky to have found this reservation 1 block from our new house. No more excuses for not being in shape :)

  2. love your twisty stripes. nice choice of patterns

  3. I love this kind of stripes! Hope everything will soon be OK with the sale.

  4. Dear Marta - what lovely photos near your new home!! Sounds lovely Love your stripes and stamps ... I never thought of making them curved - very cool!!

    Got married the week before and had 2 bats in the house so way behind!!
    ~ Diane Clancy