Thursday, March 5, 2015

Challenge #207 and Making THE Card

Challenge #207 - Unbatz by Sandy Hunter

I absolutely loved this new tangle; it is one of those really fun ones that you can't mess up.  OK... you can, and I did (every single time), but you can't really notice it too much :).

You can see here the challenge with a link to the step by step instructions.  Definitely try it, if you haven't yet!!  So easy and fun!  Unbatz is the whitest of the tangles below and a variation on the tallest mountain.

I used a hand-carved stamp I created last year for the mountains, traced them with a sepia micron pen, and then had fun tangling inside the mountains.  Then had this crazy idea of tangling the sky and leaving the moon white :).  This was done on an ATC sized Bristol paper.

Making THE Card

I have a little niece who loves to make cards for people on their birthdays.  On my last birthday, I got an awesome one, and was asked if I would please make one for her on her 5th birthday :).  She said she loved the one I made her last year (here) and was really looking forward to her next one.  That was 5 months ago! 

So, I had to make her something special.  I started out with getting out my Gelli Plate.  You can see below how I had everything really organized when I first started :)

  • Mark making recycled items on the right
  • Acrylic paint all lined up behind them
  • My 6x6" Gelli plate
  • Some hand-carved stamps, a couple of my home-made stencils
  • brayer
  • Different types of paper
  • baby wipes
  • container with water (the black thing next to the paints) to put my hand-carved stamps in after using them

Let me just say that's not how this table looked after an hour or two :)... it looked like a hurricane hit!  But I did get a lot of fun prints; here are some of them (including one of my cats' tail).  The one I ended up using for Rowan's card is the pink /blue one on the left (in the middle).  It was printed on both sides - on purpose :)

I cut the bottom piece for the card, stamped a bit more on both sides with my hand-carved stamps, and then added more details with acrylics, colored pencils, sparkling pens (which she loves), watercolors, pen and ink, and a Sharpie for the edges.  When I folded it to make an accordion book, because it was thick bristol paper, it cracked and it looked awful.  So... I cut it, added eyelets, thread, and... done :)


  1. Great tile and I loved seeing you cards in process!

  2. I love your challenge tile, the red lines are very well chosen. The card is also beautiful, she will be very happy getting it.

  3. I love your work...I think it's wonderful how you create for your niece, great inspiration for her. I have been teaching my great-niece to sew. I feel we really need to give them every artistic opportunity...the internet and videos and now phones (are great)...but they are such competition for the time and energy of our youths and take away so much experiential art/play.

  4. Okay, you're just showing off this time! Awesome work. I love the tile and the card is amazing. I was stressed to see how clean your workspace was. You really should have shown it later so more of us could relate LOL!