Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Challenge #210 and Back from India

Challenge #210 - "Spiralstring - that's the thing!"

This week's Diva challenge (here) is to use a spiral as your string.  I went with a Bijou tile (2 x 2 in), and had some fun.  After 2 weeks of doing nothing art related, it was really fun to get back to it.

I'm sure there are gorgeous tiles from the other participants; this is such a talented group!!  They inspire me all the time.  If you want to check them out, click on the link above and see all the other entries.  I try not to look at them until after I've posted mine, otherwise I may change my mind :)

Back from India

I spent a week and a half in India (Bangalore) on business.  It was a very, very busy business trip with very long days and very short nights :).  Anyway, I had a very good time meeting the people I work with every day, and it was all worth the exhaustion I feel now.

I took some pictures while I was there and  I'm sure I will be making something with them - stamps, stencils, and drawings/sketches.  It will be a lot of fun.

I was amazed by the colors everywhere, even in one of the local fruit/vegetable/flower markets.  Here are a couple of pictures I took there; don't you love all the colors and how everything is displayed?

I saw her across the street and
had to capture her and her choice of backdrop :)


  1. Dear Marta ... your spiral is lovely!! It must have been quite something to be in India!! Thank you for sharing some of your photos - I especially love the last one :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. I do like your spiral and I also like the photo's; thank you for sharing.

  3. Stunning, Marta, both your bijou spiral and your amazing photos of India. Axxx