Thursday, May 14, 2015

Challenge 217 and File Folder Journal in progress

Challenge #217

This week's challenge (here) was a duo tangle:  you can only use Dex and Bunzo tangles.  I found it hard, and I'm not sure why... maybe because they are so different I didn't know how to make them work together?  Maybe?

Anyway... here it is on a Bijou tile (2 in x 2 in).  The left side is the unshaded version, because I forgot all about the shading until I saw the scanned, larger version :).  I thought is would be fun to show them both.

File Folder Journal - In progress

For some reason I thought that using a file folder would be a really easy way to make a journal where I could play with my hand-made stamps.

OK... so far, it has taken a lot more work and thinking that I thought it would.  Mind you!  I'm having fun, but I don't think it will ever be as "quick and easy" as I thought.

So far, I have folded it and unfolded it about a hundred times ... lol... ok, maybe not quite that many, but... a lot!!  I put a couple of coats of gesso on the outside (it was patterned and it had a big purse design on it - you can still see it in some of the pictures).  Then I painted it with water soluble wax crayons - I just felt like it, no other particular reason:

Then I grabbed one of my designed stencils, and went at it with Golden acrylics and a bit of glazing medium.

I pounced the sponge over the inside pattern until the sponge was completely out of ink - just to give it a bit more interest and tie the pocket with the interior a bit.

Hopefully it will turn out well when it is finished, but you never know!


  1. What a difference the shading makes to Bunzo. The two are not obvious tilemates but I think yours works very well.
    Love the colours on your file folder - definitely looking good. Axxx

  2. Oh, it does look like you've been having fun! I actually think both challenge tiles look great and wouldn't have thought anything was amiss if I'd just seen the first one. Nice job! The folder looks wonderfully colorful and like you said...the fun that you are having does make it satisfying. Enjoy!

  3. Great to see how shading gives depth to a tile.

  4. Hi Marta!! Your Bunzo and Dex is cool .... I also really like the unshaded version - it is more graphic. Your folder work is cool - too bad there don't seem to be super easy answers!! :) :) Good to see you!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. Although I love both views of your challenge tile, I think that the unshaded one is more graphic. Probably because of the strong black and white in the two tangles. The shaded one does show more depth though. I can't decide which I love more. But thank you for showing both versions; it graphically shows how shading can enhance tangling.