Monday, May 25, 2015

Challenge 219 Envelopes and Gelli Session

Challenge 219

This week's challenge is "Straight Lines all the time"; you can see it here.

I started out by drawing some straight lines across my tile.  Somehow the idea in my head was better than it turned out :), but that's OK.  So now I had my "string of straight lines" and went through my collection of tangles and chose some with straight lines.

Even though I like each individual tangle, and I really enjoyed drawing them, I'm not happy at all with the tile.  I think I should have taken a different approach... maybe next time :)


Here are the envelopes I received back from the Envelope Swap I participated in a few weeks ago.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You can see the front (left) and back (right) of all 10 envelopes by artists
(left to right - top to bottom):
Mark Montano / Diana Klask
Sheila Goldsberry / Genevieve Crabe
Bertha Trujillo / Jan Canyon
Angel Kelley / PLA Schneider
Gloria / Terri Denise Oleson

Gelli Session

I have been looking forward to this long weekend so I could spend a couple of hours playing with my Gelli plate and not worry about anything else - great stress reliever :)

So... as usual, I got out some paints, different types of paper, new stencils cut from Tyvek and transparencies, some mark/texture making tools, the Gelli plate, of course.

This is what my work area looked like before
A few things I wanted to try
  • would putting a Tyvek stencil with a hole in the middle be good enough to pass for a round Gelli plate or a smaller size Gelli plate
  • Try some of the newly cut stencils
  • print on a napkin layer - to use for collage - the layers are so thin they are supposed to look completely transparent once collaged
  • print on labels - some small and completely transparent, others white with a blue bar across them
  • print on some of the office supplies I got for free when people moved offices at work - tent cards, brochures, and conference / handout folders (they have pockets inside)
  • print on tags, and cards I received but would never send to anyone (too boring)
This is what my pile looked like at the end of 3 fun hours (some are printed on both sides):

And this is what my work space looked like :).  I got a comment earlier that I only showed a picture of the organized "before" but should also show the very-messy "after".  So... here it is :)  Enjoy!!


  1. Nice use of shading to create texture in the tiles.

  2. I'm completely unfamiliar with Gelli---not even sure if it's a medium or technique----or maybe both. I also used the sampler approach to the Diva's challenge, so I understand what you meant about the idea seeming more exciting than the result. ;-)

  3. Lovely work! The tile with the lines is so nice and the them!

  4. I do like your tile. Each pattern is beautifully drawn. I'm wondering how that tile would look if drawn on one of your amazing envelopes.

  5. I agree with Melissa: each tangle is beautifully drawn!

  6. I would save this tile as a great sampler for reference. We often need some straight lined tangles to offset the more organic ones. I enjoyed seeing your colorful pieces as well.

  7. I see so many of my favorites here! Beautiful!

  8. This is a beauty! Each portion of the tile has such a great straight-lined tangle in it! Also the envelopes you received are such great works of art...what a super fun thing to do!

  9. Great challenge tile. It feels like looking out windows out to the world. Beautiful. Sarah.

  10. Great tile with a nice collection of straight line tangles - I specially love your Hurry and how you shaded it!

  11. Love the way you have created a sampler with your straight line tangles. I think it works very well for you. Nicely done!

  12. Hi Marta, your envelopes are lovely and what a great idea to show your mess too - looks like fun!! You straight lines is fine but most of yours I love :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  13. Hi Marta, your envelopes are lovely and what a great idea to show your mess too - looks like fun!! You straight lines is fine but most of yours I love :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  14. Thrilled that you liked my envelope! I am new at this, and the next ones will be much better. Thank you for your kind words!