Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Challenge 218 and Updates

Challenge #218 - White on Black

This week's challenge was to use a black tile and tangle with white; you can see the challenge here along with everyone else's entries.

It's been quite a long time since I have done anything on black; one of the reasons is that I always mess up and instead of doing highlights with the pencil at the end, I do "shading" as usual, and it just looks wrong!  Today I kept thinking to myself "highlights!", "highlights!", "highlights!"... and... it looks completely different than my other ones :).  I had fun!


The journal from a file folder I was working on last week... it went through a very, very, very ugly phase.  I almost threw it in the trash, but then thought... well if it is trash anyway, let me play with it, it certainly cannot get any worse. 

So I went crazy with it :) and now it looks completely different than it did last week, but it is growing on me.  Mind you, I'm still not happy with it but hope I will eventually "fix" it.  

I did not put all the pages in yet (and just put rubber bands for now), but will finish it in the next few days as we have a long weekend coming up :).  Here are some really bad pictures of it right now, just so you can see more or less what it looks like.  I will get better pictures when it is done and it is actually light out.

I also received the envelopes back from the swap and will try to take pictures and post - most had glitter on them, so I need to do something with that as I don't want glitter everywhere. :)


  1. Your white on black tile is very light and pretty. You have used a real mix of patterns and they work well together.

  2. Isn't that the hardest thing to remember the shading is already there and your job is to bring the rest out of the shadows? Like a Caravaggio painting, in a way. You pretty much nailed it, I'd say!

  3. Beautiful tile with lovely hightlights!

  4. Your white on black is beautiful! And the file art piece is really a stunner! Looking forward to seeing your envelopes too.

  5. Marta, your lines and highlighting are so crisp! Nice work! Thank you so much for the sunshine on my blog! Have a great weekend! :0) Annette

  6. Hi Marta, your white on black Diva is amazing - wonderful job!! And glad you are progressing with your project!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy