Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zentangle Workshop - Week 2

Before I get on to this week's workshop, here are some of the art I created this week (one a day) to practice the tangles we learned in week 1.

This week, we are working on 11 tangles.  Rather than posting my steps, I will give you links to the tangle instructions already on the web (which I got from a site I love TanglePatterns.com ):
Poke Root, Festune, Hollibaugh, Shattuck, Nipa, Jonqual, Isochor, Printemps, Amaze, Mooka, and Flux.

Here are examples from my practice sessions:

After you practice each one, you put them together.  Here are some I have created so far with these tangles and some from last week:

I hope you enjoyed this week's tangles and give them a try.

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