Thursday, November 21, 2013

Zentangle Workshop - Week 3

This week, we are working on Tangleations (variations of tangles), black Zentangle tiles, tonal values, and 2 new tangles - Purk and Vega.

Tangleations are variations on an existing tangle.  Here are some of my tangleations of the tangles we've studied so far:

And an ATC (Artist Trading Card) created with some of them:
Then we studied tonal values and created a sample using the tangle we've studied so far on white and on black paper.  Here are my samples:

Working on black paper is very different and I think it will take me a little while to get used to.  Drawing the tangles is usually not a problem, but I find it hard to get really good coverage on large while areas.  Also, instead of adding shadows in the end, you're supposed to add highlights to give the shapes some form; I find adding highlights a lot harder than adding shadows :).  Here are a couple of pieces I created on black:

And a couple on white tiles... much easier!

I hope you enjoyed this week's pieces.

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