Saturday, November 30, 2013

Zentangle Workshop - Week 4

This week we learned to draw a few more tangles: Finery, Echoism, Flukes, Beelight, Chillon, and Bales.

This Zentangle tile was drawn with different size tip pens; the smaller tip helps when the pattern becomes smaller (away from the viewer).

Then the book talks about Auras and Rounding: two enhancers.  Here is an example of Auras - lines around a tangle (around Isochor and Vega below):

And Rounding - darkening nooks and crannies in tangle with ink to give it a more defined and finished look.  See it filling the background of a few tangles below (Poke Root, Tipple, Isochor, and Festune).

And here are a couple more Zentangle tiles working with some of the new tangles and tangleations.

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  1. Marta......your work is "always" breathtaking! Thanks for sharing your blog. Girlfriend, you are such an inspiration!!!