Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Challenge # 173 Redux, Remix, Revisit Your Comfort Tangle

The challenge this week was to revisit some of our old favorite tangles, and try different things with them. (OK, I'm way over simplifying the challenge, but you can see it here).
So... I started out with something different: a grid as my string - I had never done it.  Then used some tangles I'm not too comfortable with - Top left and center grids.  Then some old favorites that I had not used in a while: all the others :)

The shading was painted with Inktense bars.

I'm not sharing anything else this week as I have not had time for anything else and it seems I won't for the rest of the week, either.  So... at least I did enjoy this challenge.


  1. very nice - love the blue shading

  2. Very nicely created ... Love, Light and Peace....Bonnie

  3. This is a new idea - trying the grid as string. I like the results. And the colour shading is beautiful. A very cool and calm piece!

  4. Nice, clean ZIA. Your double Paradox elements are wonderful. Your pattern allocations populating each cell is very effective. I like this piece a lot.

  5. Very effective, Marta - your Paradox tangles are real show stealers! Axxx