Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Challenge #179 and Apple / Pig Nose / Alien Carved Stamp

Challenge #179

Diva's challenge this week was to create a 2'x2' tile... ok... that's really little!!  You can read all about Bijou's story, the challenge, and the new small, fun tiles here.

So, I cut a few 2x2 inch squares from Bristol paper, and thought for sure I would only use 1 tangle per tile.  Hmmm... it didn't turn out quite like that, did it?  I spent about the same time as I do on a larger tile, and by the time I was done I was not thinking about the size of the tile anymore.

Size relative to mechanical pencil - tiny, isn't it?

Apple / Pig Nose / Alien Carved Stamp:

So, to relax this last weekend, I decided to carve a triangle stamp, that when printed together would form a pattern.  Well... it turned out really weird :)... and it made everyone at home think of completely different things when looking at it.
This is the original printing of the triangle stamp

And this is the same print after having been painted with watercolors, and outlined with pen
So, what does it make you think of?  I think of apples, but my husband and son came up with aliens and pig noses :)  I had fun, anyway :)


  1. Fun Bijou, and I always enjoy what you are doing with your stamps!

  2. Love your Bijou Tile. Very well done. You got a lot of action in that tiny space. Your stamp is wonderful.

  3. Your tiny tile is so cute! And your stamp is great!

  4. Very lovely Bijou tile! Great work with the stamps! For me it looks like pig noses!

  5. Nice Bijou tile. I like the metal effect of your Florz. I am with you on your stamp. The first thing I thought of were apples cut in half. To each his own.

  6. Your Bijou tile is really beautiful!

  7. Marta, your little card is lovely ~ of course!! I use the ACEO size card so it wasn't hard for me ... I am almost there already :)

    I am going with apples myself :)

    ~ Diane Clancy