Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Challenge #181 and Play with hand carved stamp prints

Challenge #181 Water

This week's challenge was to use water in your tile; either water tangles, watercolors, or... anything else you can think of water related.  You can see the challenge description here

I went with another Bijou (trying to get used to the size), a couple of water tangles (Waves and Agua), and a lot of fun :)  Since I didn't get a Summer vacation, this will have to do :)

And here are my first 3 Bijou's so you can see the size:

Play with Hand Carved Stamp Prints

As it is getting closer to our move (a bit over a week) free time is almost non-existent.  So, I just grabbed some of the printed hand-carved stamp patterns I still have around, and played with them.

This is one of the triangle repeat stamps I carved for the workshop.  You can see the original print here.  I added some details with black Micron, white, and purple gel Sakura pens.  The print had already been painted with watercolors.

That's it for today.  I'm working on a couple more, but they are not ready yet.

Have a fun week!!


  1. Your Water Bijou tile is so sweet, love all 3 of your little cuties. Your stamp ZIAs are wonderful, especially fond of your last one.

  2. Delightful Tile. Love the combination of Waves and Aqua, and the way you applied the blue accent and the splash of yellow.. Beautiful work. Your Stamps are stunning.

  3. Love the umbrella! and the colors of blue you used. The rest are lovely too!

  4. I love the tile that replaces your Summer vacation ;-)

  5. Lovely water Bijou tile! Great contrast between the yellow umbrella und the blue water! Your edited prints are really great!

  6. All are lovely, but I particularly like the first of the stamped cards - super!

  7. Nice Bijou tile, too bad the water washed away all the beach. Like the last one with the purple drops. Your stamps are really great.

  8. I LOVE your water challenge, Marta - the blue and yellow bounce!! Stamps lovely too!!

    Got married that week and had 2 bats in the house so way behind!!
    ~ Diane Clancy