Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Zentangle Workshop - Week 6

On week 6 we learned a lot of new tangles!  Get ready!

Pepper, Ynix (the leaf-like pattern below), and Squid on colored paper:

Vitruvius, Courant, and Sedgling:
None of these have instructions on the web, so I will tell you which ones they are in the tile below.  Vitruvius is the one on the left with circles and squares.  Courant is the maze-like in the middle.  And Sedgling is the plant/tree- like pattern on the top right.

Gneiss (the star-like pattern in the middle of the tile below), Cadent, and Huggins:

Rain, Cubine, Beeline, and enhancer Drewdrops (the dew drop on the Beeline tangle on the bottom left - I haven't gotten the hang of it yet):

That's it!  I hope you enjoy these tangles.

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