Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Zentangle Workshop - Week 9

This week we learned some more tangles.  As you've seen from last week's post, we're starting to learn some tangles created by other people (not official Zentangle tangles).  I will add the creator's name when it is not an official Zentangle tangle.

Also, this week, we started playing with color and different techniques as you can see from the pictures.

One of the techniques we tried was Faux Batik.  You draw your tangles on watercolor paper with a white Sakura Glaze pen.  Once dry, you paint your tile with watercolors.  The white Glaze pen acts as a resist.

1. Glaze pen and watercolors  2. Outlined tangles with black pen  3.  Added shading with colored pencils

I love this technique, so I created a couple more tiles

Here is a tile painted with Inktense with some of the new tangles and tangleations: Flux tangleations (the leaves in green), and Kathy's Dilemma (the triangle-like pattern on the right).

We also learned about a new enhancer called Perfs (small circles around the edge of a pattern), Striping (bottom left), Taghpodz (Angie Vangalis' tangleation of Tagh - bottom right), and a Pepper tangleation (the cone-like-flowers/plants on the right)

This tile was created by adding watercolors to paper randomly, then using the separation of the different colors on the paper instead of drawing a string.  You can see other examples of Perfs as well.

I hope you enjoyed these new techniques and tangles.

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